Rcppcgal Back On Cran

After a bit of a hiatus which saw the package be archived from CRAN due to a bug and their varying machine requirements, the package is back on CRAN.

What’s new

The header files are now set to a use a fixed version, per CRAN request, and the function cgal_install() has been deprecated. The reason is that the header files come pre-bundled with the package. One can still use the CGAL_DIR environmental variable to use one’s own version of CGAL, if so desired. You can also use the function set_cgal if you’re not comfortable with setting system environment variables.

There was also a bug caused by my over zealous cleaning function destroying a CGAL exit template that was needed by a reverse dependency. Thank you to Tyler Morgan-Wall for catching it! He’s been added as a contributor.

Where can you find the package?

As always, on the github and from time to time on CRAN

What’s next

Hopefully nothing till the next bug!

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